Flash programming lpc1850

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At first, I'm sorry if I ask beginner questions but I haven't any experience with flash programming.

I want to download a simple program and execute into NOR flash on my MCB1800 board with an Lpc1850 on.
The NOR Flash is a Spansion one with the following ref : S29GL064N

For this I find the application note number "11285" about "Writing a flash programming algorithm for unsupported devices" where they provided a flash driver for my board.

I place it into "lpcxpresso_dir/bin/flash" and try to use it.

The download bar went to 100% and they don't report any error. When I check the memory to check if the  code is in, it is.

But when the download finished, nothing passed. The code don't execute and I have this message : "No source available for "0x1040683c" "

Is it something specific to do for start execution from NOR Flash ?

I'm using LPCXpresso v.5.2.4 Build 2122 on a Windows 7 64bits, with full licence type.