USB data stream stops

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mattes on Fri Mar 07 18:08:56 MST 2014
Working on the 11u14 and try to keep the USB communication (CDC) sane.
Start sending out data  to the PC and I use a simple 'cat /dev/TTYACM0' (or terminal program)
to display/receive the data. 

Once the program stops and restarts it will not receive any more data.
The debugger says it is somewhere in the USB stack.

I am currently do not have any event controls built on the 11u14
Looking into that I noticed that:
    Event_USB_Device_Connect and Event_USB_Device_Disconnect are never firing

I see other event coming though, like

Any explanation why _connect and _disconnect are not seen.

What is the recommended way to keep the USB stack healthy and allow the PC software to
close the serial device and reopen it.

How do i know on the 11u14 side when the PC side is opening the device?

Sorry for all the Q, but I am kinda noob with USB stuff.