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Hi All,

I am running Red Suite 4 (NXP) under Windows 7 on the Diolan LPC-4350-DB1 card developing code for a UIP ethernet application.

The project runs fine on internal memory. If I run the flash utility, the program runs after the flash is completed. If the card is then powered off and on, the stored program does not restart until I run Debug.

Halting the program running under Debug, the addresses seem correct and show that the program is indeed running from flash.The program is not large:

text data bss dec hex
41720 128 10340 52188 cbdc

I have a version of EasyWeb that works fine from flash on the same card as does LPC4350A_HitexA4_Twinkle_SST, so it looks as if the flash itself is OK.

Once again, any ideas or help would be appreciated.


I should add that I have searched the archives without success.