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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gjdevos on Thu Sep 18 09:16:51 MST 2014
I need some basic help to get started with LPCXpresso and a LPC-LINK2 board.

The Blink demo runs when I program it through JTAG. As a next step I want to
program it with the DFUSec tool. I managed to build a blinky.bin file which I can
download to the LPC-LINK2 flash memory using DFUSec. The image verfies
OK after the download. I can not figure out how to start the program after the
download. I guess I need to specify Jum to start address, bu then what should
the address be? I tried something from the map file: 000000, the start of the
flash memory, the ResetISR address, the address of main but nothing works.

I must be missing something obvious, can anyone give me a hint?