Debugging a running target

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jantenwolde on Fri Jan 13 04:19:02 MST 2012
I want to debug a target (I have 2 targets, one with an LPC1114 and one with LPC1754) that is already running. It often happens that an embedded system after running for days ends up in some weird state. I want to examine, by connecting the debugger cable (SWD) and stopping the running target, so that I can examine memory. I have tried this by NOT loading an image (option in debug config) when starting to debug, but somehow the target does not run correctly anymore. For example it appears that uart communication does not work anymore, interrupts seem to be disabled. I have tried to fiddle with the other options in debug config, but nothing helps. If I look at the debug console log, it appears that it is stopping and then continuing the execution, but I want it to STOP....