Did I brick my 1768 Xpresso board?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dbrunell on Fri Sep 03 13:53:59 MST 2010
I have an application where I need to run the CPU clock at 104 MHz in order to get the correct ADC timing. I know that the 1768 is rated at 100 MHz, and I will have to use the 1769 in production, but I was hoping to stretch the 1768 a little for prototyping purposes.  I inserted the following code at the beginning of my program to adjust the CPU clock frequency:
int main(void) {
    LPC_SC->PLL0CFG = 0x0005004E;
    LPC_SC->PLL0FEED = 0xAA;
    LPC_SC->PLL0FEED = 0x55;

    LPC_SC->CCLKCFG = 2;    // Change divisor to 3
I first tested the first three lines, prior to the CCLKCFG assignment, and it worked as expected (M=78, N=6, Fcco=312 MHz, CCLK=78 MHz).  Then I added the line to change the CCLK divisor from 4 to 3 (value to assign is n-1),  and the board stopped responding to the debugger.  I get the following error now when I try to debug:
02: Failed on connect: Em(12). System rejected access at location 0xE000EDF0 
  - verify Population of memory and peripherals
Is there a way to recover from this?

I think there should be better documentation on how best to change the clock frequency.  I can't find any source code examples for the LPCXpresso environment.  I didn't want to modify system_LPC17xx.c, since changing part the CMSIS library seems like bad programming form.