Error: No source available for "" (LPC1769, debugging in CodeRed 4.1.0 build 190) )

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gweppler on Mon Oct 03 03:49:43 MST 2011
I successfully imported and ran/debugged multiple of the examples in LPCXpresso 4.0.6. Debug 'project' allowed me to step through the instructions. At some point, i started to see the error

No source available for ""

When i wanted to start the debug session. I switched workspaces, re-started projects from scratch, even totally wiped 4.0.6 and then re-installed 4.1.0 --- but i keep getting the same error.

I use all default settings - in LPCXpresso as well as in the imported projects.

Any pointers? 

Thanks in advance,