RTC-Pins LPC122x and EAGLE library

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i wonder, what can be done with the RTC-pins of the LPC122x with LPQFP48-package. (RTCXIN and RTCXOUT)

The chapter 16 of the UM does not mention the pins and states, that the clock for the RTC is derived from the main clock or from the built in RTC oscillator.

Additionally no information is given about the accuracy of the builtin RTC oscillator. :( Is it precise enough to keep the time over month of operation? Like in a real clock?

Unlike the LPC11Cxx NXP does not provide CAD-models for the LPC122x, I made an EAGLE lbr for the LQFP48-versions. Use it if you want for whatever you want. :) If you find errors, tell me!

(made with EAGLE 6.2, not compatible with EAGLE < 6.0)

Maybe we could have a pinned thread, where useful information and content can be collected? Or maybe the operator of this forum could make use of the unbelievable benefits of subforums? :D