Configuring can_onchip example for 500kbps

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by manishd on Fri Oct 07 09:53:10 MST 2011
I would like to configure the can_onchip example for a CAN bitrate of 500kbps instead of the 125kbps default. Can this be accomplished simply by changing the values in the ClkInitTable?

// 500kbps
uint32_t ClkInitTable[2] = {
  0x00000005UL, // CANCLKDIV 5
  0x00002301UL  // CAN_BTR 0x2301

//instead of 125kbps
uint32_t ClkInitTable[2] = {
  0x00000000UL, // CANCLKDIV 5
  0x00001C57UL  // CAN_BTR 0x2301

Calculating the bit time quanta seems a little :(