LPCXpresso 1769 with Baseboard

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jamescorcoran on Tue Nov 13 11:01:38 MST 2012
Hello, Im new to programing... I have a few questions on getting started with my setup.

1) Ive downloaded the "demo" example for the baseboard. I connect via usb to x3 on the baseboard to my pc. I have the 1769 fixed on the baseboard but the usb is not plugged in yet. I build the "demo" application and then connect my target board (1769) via usb-mini to the other usb port on my pc. When everything functions properly the "main.c" is displayed for me.

This is where I'm stuck. What do I do from here?

Do I need to add anything to the example code?

Do I need to activate peripherals?

I've been at this for a couple weeks and just cant figure it out. please help!