Using SSP1 & use of MISO with it

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by aamir ali on Sat Nov 03 02:44:46 MST 2012
I have an application where I have to send bytes at 12 Mhz freq to another module. So I selected SSP1 for this purpose. Now actually I need only SCLK & MOSI line. I don't need MISO line.

Earlier I have left float MISO, so module worked fine.

Now i haven't configure MISO line. & still my module is working fine with SCLK & MOSI. Data received is garbage.

1. Is it  right to do so. i.e not configure Miso. If not, what could be risk.
   Also can I use MISO pin alternate function like GPIO, as I don't need it know.  

2. Also if I configure MISO, should I pull it up, pull down or float.