I2C on LPC11U14

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get the I2C bus to run on the embeddedArtists LPCXpresso LPC11[B]U[/B]14 for days now.

I am using the I2C example code for the LPC1114,  and -[I]it kind of[/I]- seems to work, but
I'm not getting successful signals or flags:

My I2CSTAT register shows the value 0x18 once (which means transmitted command/data and received ACK), but only once if I step through the programm using the debugger.
If I just run the programm, 0x18 is never occours, it remains 0x8F (no useful data on bus).
(I also use this information to toggle/switch/CLR/SET an LED for external debugging).

I am starting to think, it has something to do with the LPC11U14 instead of the LPC1114, even though registers and functions seem all to be the exact same.

I tested two different I2C devices. Both of them "react" the same, well, if they react at all.

Has anyone working I2C code for the LPC11[B]U[/B]14?
I appreciate any clous!

Best regards,