LPCxpresso Free (registered) Licence Problem

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[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2]I'm probably not going to[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2] like the answer, but here goes ...

My application is on a custom LPC1778 board, but that is not particulary significant.

The system consists of three [I]completely separate[/I] applications in the on-chip flash.

1) A primary boot loader -- Less than 4KB at 0x0 in flash which mostly jumps to
either (2) or (3) below depending on a dip switch.

2) A more versatile loader. about 54KB located at 0x10000 in flash.
This loader reads via a serial UART and burns images to on-chip flash and various
other non-volatile memory devices. In particular, it writes (3) below to LPC flash.

3) An application (total separate from (2)). About 59Kb at 0x20000 in flash.

When I attempt to debug the application (3) the IDE (5.1.2) complains that the 'PC'
is invalid for the licence.

While it is true that the PC is greater than 128K (the free licence limit), the application
size is well below 128K, merely existing in flash from 128K to aout 187K.

Why can't I debug this application whose size is less than half the size of the registered licence.

Regards, Mike