After using FlashMagic to load the LPC1759 I can no longer debug with LPCXpresso - 15: Target error from Commit Flash write

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mark1 on Tue Aug 27 06:58:11 MST 2013
I had been using LPCXpresso successfully to debug code on a LPC1759 custom board.  I then used the bootloader.  Using FlashMagic I successfully loaded the flash with my application hex file and ran it.

I then tried to use LPCXpresso debug and can no longer get the launch to work.  This is a code red launch config.  I am using an LPC1769 dev kit cut in half so that I have a JTAG debugger to connect to the custom LPC1759 board.

LPCXpresso / the JTAG port had been working properly to launch and debug prior to using FlashMagic, so I'm sure the bootloader did something to affect LPCXpresso ability to launch and flash the part.

I get the following popup window error in LPCXpresso when I launch.
Error reported by target
Reason: 15: Target error from Commit Flash write

Details: 15: Target error from Commit Flash write.  Flash verify operation failed.

What can I do to recover from this error?  Also what do I need to do in FlashMagic to avoid this problem with LPCXpresso?