LPC1111 FHN33/203 LPC-Link programming issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by zare on Wed Mar 20 09:01:37 MST 2013
I have a custom board with LPC1111FHN33/203. When I try to program the flash with LPC-Link (one half of the LPC1114 LPCXpresso board) I got following error message:

Pc: ( 0) Reading remote configuration
Ni: LPCXpresso Debug Driver v4.0 (Sep 19 2012 09:03:23)
Nc: Looked for chip XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_4.3.0_1023/lpcxpresso/bin/LPC1111/203.xml

Nc: Looked for vendor directory XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_4.3.0_1023/lpcxpresso/bin/nxp_directory.xml

Nc: Found generic directory XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_4.3.0_1023/lpcxpresso/bin/crt_directory.xml

Pc: ( 5) Remote configuration complete
Pc: ( 30) Emulator Connected
Pc: ( 40) Debug Halt
Pc: ( 50) CPU ID
Nc: Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID: BB11477. Info: HID32HS12
Nc: SWD Frequency: 250 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False.
Nc: Packet delay: 0 Poll delay: 0.
Nc: NXP: LPC1111/203 Part ID: 0x00010012
Pc: ( 65) Chip Setup Complete
Nt: Connected: was_reset=false. was_stopped=false
Cr:v Registered license, download limit of 128K
Pc: ( 70) License Check Complete
Nt: Loading ELF file 'LPC.axf' at location 00000000
Nt: Writing 5620 bytes to 0000 in Flash (assumed clock: 12.0MHz)
Pb: 1 of 1 ( 0) Writing pages 0-41292144 at 0x00000000 with 5620 bytes
Ps: ( 0) Page 0 at 00000000
Ps: ( 18) Page 0 at 00000000: 1024 bytes
Ps: ( 36) Page 0 at 00000400: 1024 bytes
Ps: ( 54) Page 0 at 00000800: 1024 bytes
Ps: ( 72) Page 0 at 00000C00: 1024 bytes
Pb: (100) Writing Flash ended with an error.
Ed:05: File 'LPC.axf' load failure: Ef(8). Invalid address for flash write - not in defined flash.
Nc: nSRST assert (if available)
Nc: Executing in bootloader.
Wc: SWD Frequency (Final): 250 KHz.

LPC1111 should have 8KB FLASH but the LPCXpresso say that the FLASH is 4KB. Actually the LPC-Link is programming first 4KB and then report the following error:

Ed:05: File 'LPC.axf' load failure: Ef(8). Invalid address for flash write - not in defined flash.

If someone see this issue on LPC1111/203 or someone have some useful information please share with me.