Build is displaying "make all" in "Console" window but acually not executing it.

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Hello everyone,

using lpcxpresso on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS there was no problem for several weeks. After some days of not using lpcxpresso but updating Ubuntu I am no longer able to build projects from within the IDE. Calling "make -r all" from within a terminal is still OK. But clicking "Build" inside the IDE is displaying "make -r all" inside the "Console" window without actually compiling anything. Doing "Debug" displays "...axf not found" and there really are no object or binary files in the "Debug" directory.

Having a closer look at the console output of lpcxpresso I found:

  java.text.ParseException: Cannot read MAC address from []

several times but "Display license type" is still:

  License type: FULL
  Debug limit: 256k
  Activation code: ABCD-...-WXYZ
  A FULL copy of LPCXpresso (Free Edition) may be used for production.

I'm not sure if this MAC read failure already was before, so this may be a completely independent fault that has nothing to-do with the build fault. The output of "/bin/ip link" which is called during MAC request looks as usual.

Trying to solve this problem I upgraded lpcxpresso from 7.5.0_254 to 7.9.0_455 without any change of these two effects. I guess something must have changed in my Ubuntu installation, but I have no idea what?

In Linked File not compiling there was an option "Exclude resource from build" mentioned which I cannot find in my IDE. I reverted the project (including settings) to last working subversion revision and even this changed nothing. So I'm sure this has nothing to-do with such settings.

Is it possible to trace command line activity of lpcxpresso to get an idea what really is executed when "make -r all" is displayed inside the "Console" window? Unfortunately there are no paths or prompts and much less information than would be inside a real console.

Thanks in advance