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Content originally posted in LPCWare by micronpn on Mon Jun 21 07:44:05 MST 2010
I daily use LpcXpresso to develop on NXP microcontrollers and sometime it is useful to compile/debug with GCC/MinGW without the hardware fo debug internal functions without flashing the microcontroller. Also if  I was able to use MinGw directly under LLpcXpresso, I would prefer to use a standard Eclipse CDT installation. With a big surprise I see that under LpcXpresso I can debug stdin/stdout directly on a Win/Dos console instead std Eclipse/CDT doesn't open che Win/Dos console and the eclipse console (as in LpcXpresso also) doesn't work in input and visualize the output only after program exit. So... the question: did you personalize LpcXpresso to solve the console problem or is it just a different setup that I have to copy?