FreeRTOS, uIP and LPCXpresso17xx+Baseboard

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rattus on Fri Aug 05 20:58:33 MST 2011
I am attempting to produce a working uIP implementation with FreeRTOS 7.01. I have taken the FreeRTOS demo for the Code Red RDB1768, and grafted in the emac.c (and others) from Micropendous, as they have an LPC1768 interface to the 8720 PHY. Code compiles clean, and debugging works OK until checking the PHY part number (emac.c line 161); the prvReadPHY routine (and the MRDD register) always returns 0xffff, and thus the lEMACInit routine fails. The MCMD manipulation sequence and MADR addresses are correct per the LPC17xx user guide.

I figure if I can't even read the PHY device number correctly, something is wrong...

Hardware is LPCXpresso1769 + EA LPCXpresso Base Board.