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Hello sir/madam.

I'm trying to use a input (gpio) as input for the comparator0 (+ input) and the - input of the comparator0 from the voltage divider ( set to Vdd/2). So the output of the comp go's high if I apply a voltage higher than vdd/2 and an interrupt is thrown.

The output of the comparator is always high even when no voltage is applied at the + input. The used microcontroller = LPC1227.

Here is the code :

#define PullUpDis  (1<<4) // default enabled
#define AnalogMode  (1<<7) // enable analog mode

#defineGPIO0_Clock  (1<<31)
#define Compare_CLK       (1<<20)// enable clock for comparator module
#define PowerCMP   ((1<<3)|(1<<15))// enable BOD en Comparator module in PDRUNCFG

#define CMP0_EN (1)// enable comparator module 0

#define CMPIEV (1<<3)// activate interrupt on rising edge
#define ACMP0_I0 (1<<8)// use ACMP0_O input

#define INTCOMPCLR (1<<20)// bit to reset the interrupt status
#defineCMP0STAT (1<<21)//interrupt status of the comparator 0
#defineCMP1STAT (1<<22)//interrupt status of the comparator 1

#defineVLADEN (1)// enable ladder module ( 32 levels, 0 to 3V3)
#define VSEL (10000<<1)

#define VLADVDDREF (1<<6)// use internal 3V3 voltage to take a level from


void InitCMP(void){

LPC_IOCON->PIO0_19|=0x2; // select as input for comparator(ACMP0_O)
LPC_IOCON->PIO0_19&=(~PullUpDis);//disable pullup
LPC_IOCON->PIO0_19&=(~AnalogMode);//enable analog mode
LPC_SYSCON->PDRUNCFG&=(~PowerCMP); // power the comparator module
LPC_ACOMP->VLAD|=(VLADEN|VSEL|VLADVDDREF); // enable voltage ladder, select reference 3.3V, set voltage to 1.66V
LPC_ACOMP->CMP|=(CMP0_EN|CMPIEV|ACMP0_I0|INTCOMPCLR); // enable comparator, use rising edge, positieve input opamp = input ACMP0_I0 , negative = voltage ladder


void COMP_IRQHandler(void){

uint8_t dummy=0;


Hopefully you guys can point me out why the output of comparator 0 is high even when no voltage is applied to the input and also when a voltage is applied, the interrupt doesnt hit..