Lpc11c14 ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rcazalis on Mon Jul 19 02:56:03 MST 2010

I've already asked this question in an other thread but never got an answer:
When will the LPC11C14 (with CAN bus) be supported by LPCXpresso?

I was wondering if I could proceed this way:
- add the CAN registers in the lpc11xx.h file (not that hard)
- compile and program autonomously.

OK, I won't be able to debug with LPC-Link but I've got an UART and can do my own deubgging (like in the olden days!!!)

So the other question is : can I program a non-supported chip or will the programmer give me an error message?

Thanks in advance.

PS for NXP or Code Red: If you're looking for a beta for your next release that supports the LPC11C14; I'd be happy to help :D