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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sojiro on Wed Jun 30 17:06:34 MST 2010

I have a problem, i cannot program flash memory
I can debug though
As the "LPCXpresso Getting Started .pdf" says i only have to debugging and
"the program will automatically download to the target and be programmed into flash memory"

Here is exactly what happens(all happens for blinking project haven't tried something else)
I plug my board (LPCXpresso1343) and it starts blinking
I build and still blinking without any pause
I debug and it stops blinking
Then i have to unplug and plug again in order to see the blinking again

If i try to program with the button icon then after programming flash it won't even debug(no blinking too) and i have to unplug/plug again
It shows
Error launching debug\blinking.axf
03:failed on chip setup:Ec(01). Invalid, mismatched or unknown part

I can only hear the noise(windows make after a USB device is connected) only after i push debug
(in my opinion it seems that USB port can be used as power supply only but i though it may help you)

Please don't tell me i cannot use my board cause i have a deadline to catch