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L1822, L4021, L1822

Question asked by Janell Armstrong on May 21, 2008
Latest reply on May 28, 2008 by Janell Armstrong
I am using CodeWarrior HC08 V5.1, and I'm creating code for the MC1321x NCB. I created my current project by important an XML file created by BeeKit (GenericApp). I need to be using floating point integers.

When I try to compile my code the linking fails
L1822 "Symbol _FSTRUNC. . . is undefined"

Per the recommendation of the lib/hc08c/lib/readme.txt and the advice of prior posts on this board, I replaced ansiis.lib with ansif.lib .

Now compiling the code results in several different errors:
L4021 on several counts "Incompatible derivate: HCS08 in previous files with CPU08 in current file. . . ."
L1822 informing that the following are undefined: _IMUL_STAR08, _CALL_STAR08, _IMODU_STAR08, _IDVIU_STAR08, and _IDIVS_STAR08

Can anyone reccomend a course of action to create a happy, compiling, linking project which includes floating point integers?