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I didn't use LPCXpresso IDE (Windows version) for  a while, in the mean time I've upgraded to latest version (5.0.14 from 5.0.12), but I doubt its a reason. I rolled back to 5.0.12, but no positive results.

When i start IDE, and try to debug project, my LPC-Link wont initialize automatically in HID mode, when i do it manually, I still can't debug project. Emulator crashes (for me its crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp.exe, cause I'm trying to debug LPC1343). This is console output:

LPCXpresso Debug Driver v5.0 (Nov 22 2012 08:46:14 build 1083)
Looked for chip XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_5.0.12_1083/lpcxpresso/bin/LPC1343.xml
Looked for vendor directory XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_5.0.12_1083/lpcxpresso/bin/nxp_directory.xml
Found generic directory XML file in C:/nxp/LPCXpresso_5.0.12_1083/lpcxpresso/bin/crt_directory.xml
Emu(0): Conn&Reset. DpID: 2BA01477. Info: HID64HS12
SWD Frequency: 3000 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False.
Packet delay: 0  Poll delay: 0.
NXP: LPC1343  Part ID: 0x3D00002B

And after last line it crashes (segmentation fault error).

I've tried with all 3 firmware types for LPC-Link (HidFS,HidHS, and WinUSB). Same results.

Even when I'm trying to check license with command: "[B]crt_emu_cm3_nxp.exe -info-license[/B]" application outputs:

Ni: LPCXpresso Debug Driver v5.0 (Nov 22 2012 08:46:09 build 1083)

and crashes.

I've started checking and read all the topics on this forum, and didn't find any solutions. I've tried already:
1. %Public% is write and read enable, the there are license files in LPCXpresso folder
2. Tried 3 times activating with new serial number and code.
3. Don't have any antivirus software
4. When I start PC in safe mode it still fails.
5. Tried to ask Code-Red support, but thy bounced back saying that they only support paid versions of their software, and I should ask here.

I'll much appreciate any suggestions.