USB HID generic example questions

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Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner in USB-programming and have some questions about USB-communication.
I'm using the usbd_lib_hid_generic-example (lpcopen v2.10) with the LPC1769 microcontroller and would like to make it communicating with a host-pc.
It already works fine, but what I don't understand is that I get an error when I want to send less (and more) than 8 bytes (which I configured in hid_desc.c) from PC to the device.

hid_desc.c is configured as it follows:

#define HID_INPUT_REPORT_BYTES       8/* size of report in Bytes */
#define HID_OUTPUT_REPORT_BYTES      8/* size of report in Bytes */
#define HID_FEATURE_REPORT_BYTES     8/* size of report in Bytes */

Means this that I have to transmit 8 bytes, no more, no less, to the device?
Would it be possible to change the code that this is only the MAXIMUM number of bytes, so that I can transmit less than 8 bytes?

Furthermore I don't know what FEATURE_REPORT means. Whats the purpose of a feature-report?

Thank you for your answers!