Blocked in an infinite loop in lpcusblib_MassStorageHost example

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Hey guys,
I work for a project with an LPC1768 and LPCOpen V2.10.
I use the MassStorageHost example and Freertos V8.2.1 to build an USB Mass storage HOST.
All works fine in a normal use. But I have made test for different "not normal" device removal because I must ensure that the aplication not crash when someone remove the USB Key before the end of the USB Task.
And i have noticed that if the key is unattached when the task has finished to enumerate the key and executes "MS_Host_RequestSense", in the EVENT_USB_Host_DeviceEnumerationComplete, the task is blocked in an infinite loop : "while(!Pipe_IsStatusOK(portnum))" (Line 331 MassStorageClassHost.c).
I think it's because the USB_Host_DeEnumerate ISR close all the pipe when the device is unattached.

Do you know if there is a proper way for prevent this trouble when device is removed before the end of the task without change the files of LPCUSB Lib. ?
If not it would be a good idea to change this in the next release.

Thank you for your help
Best Regards