LPC open example project cannot compile

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jonotree on Fri Oct 31 05:42:32 MST 2014
I am using keil uvision 5, and trying to use example projects from lpc open.

Without changing any settings however, if I just try to load for example the rtos blinky project found at


When I compile I get this message:

.\keil_output\iflash_ea_devkit_1788\freertos_blinky_iflash_ea_devkit_1788.axf: error: L6002U: Could not open file ..\..\..\..\..\..\software\lpc_core\lpc_board\boards_17xx\ea_devkit_1788\keil_output\board_ea_devkit_1788.lib: No such file or directory

For which I can find no reason, because having inspected the directory, the file is indeed there.

Any help much appreciated