Library and ROM Driver Sources

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Hansi on Wed Jul 23 06:16:42 MST 2014

I'm working on a project for the LPC11U14 and was having difficulties using the USB driver. The problems were undocumented (error) return codes of some functions and strange "hard faults". All these had ./lpc_chip_11uxx_lib/libs/libusbd_11uxx_lib.a in the call stack.

Usually I just look through the sources and find reasons for that behavior. In nearly all cases the problems clearly were caused by some erronous setup or preparation by me, before calling the driver functions.

Unfortunately, there is no source code, which forced me to the tedious, frustrating and time consuming "try and error" approach.

Could you please provide the sources of the above mentioned library?

Thinking further, every developer using the newer devices with integrated ROM drivers has the exact same problem, that he can't find out the true reasons for buggy behavior. Therefore I also ask to provide the ROM driver source code. The best solution would be to have all the various revisions available so one can use the exact same sources as used for the current silicon revision at hand. Even better would be added debug and symbol information (e.g. included in the ELF files), so your customers can debug the ROM drivers and see how their own code is interacting with it.