LPCOpen v3.01, a little question ?

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by okwh on Thu Oct 01 22:26:12 MST 2015
In newest LPCOpen v3.01, for GPIO's setting,
Why some functions  have limit like : "port number (supports port 0 only)"  for setting  DIR,MASK, PIN, MPIN, SET, CLR, NOT   in gpio_5410x.h file  ?

supports port 0 only ?  then  how to do for port 1  ?

for example
* @briefSet all GPIO raw pin states (regardless of masking)
* @parampGPIO: The base of GPIO peripheral on the chip
* @paramport: port Number (supports port 0 only) ????????????????????????????
* @paramvalue: Value to set all GPIO pin states (0..n) to
* @returnNothing
__STATIC_INLINE void Chip_GPIO_SetPortValue(LPC_GPIO_T *pGPIO, uint8_t port, uint32_t value)
pGPIO->PIN[port] = value;

  Where are those ROM_xxx functions ??