Combination with LandTiger and CMSIS?

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Dear All,

I'm new and starting to use the LPCXpresso and the LandTiger board. Can someone explain:

As far as I understood the LPCOpen is based on two parts

1) lpc_chip_175x_6x (processor code)
2) lpc_board_nxp_lpcxpresso_1769 (board code)

The CMSIS is also processor code as far as I understood. Then I have the questions:

1 - What is the relation between the lpc_chip_175x_6x and the CMSIS?
2 - Is there a board support package for the LandTiger board?
3 - How can I start with FreeRTOS and LWIP in combination with the LandTiger and LPCOpen?

With kind regards,