emWin + LPCOpen 2.10 = INCOMPATIBLE ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by zepedrowdp on Mon Apr 07 13:34:52 MST 2014

I got my custom board with LPC1754 working with LPCOpen 2.10. Now I added this 2.4'' color TFT to the board. The driver is ILI9341.

I've downloaded emWin 5.22 BSP for EA1788 board and imported it to my workspace.

I was following the AN11218, explaining how to port EA LPC1788 BSP to a different board until the point 2.2 where it is asked to replace LPC177x_8x.h for LPC17xx.h, system_LPC177x_8x.c for system_LPC17xx.c and system_LPC177x_8x.h for system_LPC17xx.h.

Now, taking a look at LPCOpen I'm not sure what files should I use for my LPC1754 board as I can't seem to find the ones that are advised by the application note.

Any thoughs?