Red State SCT not compatible with LPC_Open examples. Error: EVENT member not found.

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by larsen on Sun Aug 23 13:21:13 MST 2015
I get the error:
----> 'LPC_SCT_T' has no member named 'EVENT

LPC_SCT->DMA0REQUEST = 0x00000000;
-----> 'LPC_SCT_T' has no member named 'DMA0REQUEST

What I do is very simple to reproduce: With LPCXpresso 7.9.0, LPCOpen v 2.15 for LPC824 board i generate an SCT state machine with red state into the periph_gpio's  src folder. I just use the default state machine, no edit, then generate code. Recompile.

The above error pops up in the sct_fsm.c file.

Am I using the tool inappropriately? How to correct this?