Beginner: Delay in microsecond range / Serial Output over LPC-Link ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by naequs on Tue Oct 15 13:17:49 MST 2013
Hi Guys,

I'm fairly new to LPC's (well, uC's in general), starting out with the LPCXpresso 812 board.
For a start, i want to use a DS1820 temperature sensor and have the code all set up as outlined in MAXIM AN126.
But i need to write a function that produces a rather accurate delay in the microsecond range to properly time the samples/writes.
An interrupt based timer doenst seem like a good idea due to the clock rate.
Can anyone give me some tips on what would be an appropriate approach?

Also, a more general question about UART/Terminal: Is it possible to send serial data back through the LPC-Link so there is no need for an FTDI cable for terminal output ?

Thanks in advance !

edit: i'll try to use UART for the 1wire communication now. The second question remains unanswered though ;)