Problems with ADC conversion

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i do my first steps with an LPC822 and would like to make a simple ADC conversion @ ADC_2 pin.

I wrote this code for initialization and basically the code works, but the result is wrong.
On ADC_2 (pin PIO_14) i had connected a poti between Vcc and GND. As result i get only the value 0 and 4095.
Every 200ms i start an adc conversion in the SysTick_Handler and in the endless loop i read the adc data register of channel 2.

I hope, someone can help me ?

Here is my code:

#include "chip.h"
#include <cr_section_macros.h>

void SysTick_Handler(void)
LPC_GPIO_PORT->NOT[0] = (1<<15);// Toggle PIO0_15
Chip_ADC_StartSequencer(LPC_ADC, ADC_SEQA_IDX);// manual start for ADC conversion sequence A

int main(void)
uint32_t rawSample, ADC_result;

Chip_SystemInit();// setup system clocking
SystemCoreClockUpdate();// Read clock settings and update SystemCoreClock variable
    SysTick_Config(SystemCoreClock / 5);// Systick is reloading 1/5 of a second = 200ms...

    LPC_GPIO_PORT->DIR[0] |= (1<<15); // Set direction of PIO0_15 to output

    Chip_ADC_Init(LPC_ADC,0);// setup ADC 12-bit mode, normal power
    Chip_ADC_StartCalibration(LPC_ADC);// calibration after ADC initialization
    while (!(Chip_ADC_IsCalibrationDone(LPC_ADC))) {}

    Chip_Clock_EnablePeriphClock(SYSCTL_CLOCK_SWM); // enable the clock to the switch matrix
    Chip_SWM_EnableFixedPin(SWM_FIXED_ADC2);// config the switch matrix  for PIO0_14 as the input for ADC_2
    Chip_Clock_DisablePeriphClock(SYSCTL_CLOCK_SWM); // disable the clock to the switch matrix to save power
    Chip_ADC_EnableSequencer(LPC_ADC, ADC_SEQA_IDX);// enable sequencer

    rawSample = Chip_ADC_GetDataReg(LPC_ADC, 2);// read ADC data register of ADC channel 2
    ADC_result = (rawSample >> 4) & 0xFFF;  // getting adc converted result from 4th to 15th bit of DR
    return 0 ;