Device is not rcognized when a Aardvark slave is connected to I2C2 pins

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jam on Thu Apr 30 10:00:42 MST 2015
I am working with LPC54102 Xpresso V2 board. I am facing a problem that device is not recognized by J-link when I have connected a slave(Aardvark) with I2C2 pins.I see this message on J-link Commander
"No device found on FINE interface.
Did not find any core.
No device found at all. Selecting JTAG as default target interface."

When I disconnect the Aardvark then device is recognized. I see this message on J-link Commander
"Info: TPIU fitted.
Info: ETM fitted.
Cortex-M4 identified.
Target interface speed: 100 kHz"

Also in the above use case, In case of Xpresso IDE, I am able to load using red link server but auto execution from flash does not take place when I terminate the launch or reset the target.

I do not face this problem when Aardvark is connected to I2c0 or i2c1 pins.
It seems me problem with hardware, Can any help out?