Both cores from SRAM, is it possible?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by filartrix on Mon Sep 28 04:32:25 MST 2015
My question is: is it possible to run Cortex M4 code from SRAM?
I understand that power consumption when code is executed from SRAM is much lower.
I'm able to have the code of M4 only running from SRAM, and the M0+ running from SRAM, but when I try to use both corese runningfrom SRAM I have issues.
Here's my configuration:
Core M0+ Running from SRAM 1 (32 Kb)
Core M4 sunning from SRAM 0 (64Kb)
The problem is that with Dual core, the code immediately goes in Hard Fault, without even reaching the main()
Code size for both cores is around 40Kb
If I disable  the dual core option, it works!