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I am trying to program a LPC2366 via ISP (UART0).

When I send the '\x3F' (= '?') char for synchronization and the device don't send the synchronization string "Synchronized\x0D\x0A". Instead it sends back a '\x60' char.

<pre>tx=[ len=1 0x 3F ]
rx=[ len=1 0x 60 ]

I tried several baud rates.
50 bps up to 230400 bps I got the same ('`' '\x60').
Higher baud rates get other responses.
460800 up to 1152000 I get 'p' '\x70'.
1500000 up to 2500000 I get 'x' '\x78'.
3000000 up to 4000000 I get '\xFC'.

Resending several times the synchronization char does the same.
The device is started with LOW level on P2.10.

What may be wrong?

Best regards.