SCTimer in LPC11U68

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Dear All,

I would like to use my micro LPC11u68, 100 pins configuration, in order to  check the speed of a quadrature ecoder.
Essentially I need to count the rising and falling edges of two separate signals A & B, typical of the encoder.
One solution is to generate and interrupt every edge and increase a counter, but these implies that every XX us I have to occupy some resources to the micro.
The ideal solution is to have a register which increases stand alone once an event  (rising and falling edges) occours. This would be perfect for me because every 100ms I'd check the value of the register, whitout "stressing" the micro too much.
It seems that with SCTimer (chapter 18 of UM10732) it is possible but, since I'm an inexperienced beginner I don't understand exactly how to make it possible.

Has someone already tried this?

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you in advance