LPC11E68 IRC not stopped during power down

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I have a board with the LPC11E68. The firmware makes the MCU sleep for 4 seconds, wakes up via RTC interrupt, blinks a LED and goes to sleep again. All IOs as output and driven low, pullup/down disabled. The power consumption in deep power down is about 10uA (LDO quiescence + MCU). But when I put the part in power down it won't get below 400uA. I configured the CLKOUT to output the main clock. to During the wake up period, the CLKOUT shows the 12MHz IRC clock coming out. When it enters power down, I see every 100us a burst of thirteen 12MHz cycles (burst appr 1.1us long) coming out of CLKOUT? Isn't the IRC shutdown automatically when entering power down?

Does anyone have this part with power down consumption around datasheet level (22uA)?

Thanks for feedback