RamLoc8?  `RamLoc8' overflowed by 500 bytes

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by CidVilas on Fri May 09 17:38:33 MST 2014
Im using the uCXpresso Mini11U37 from Amazon.com.  Also running LPCXpresso FREE edition.

So i have a bit of code. Literally a bit!  I have an array i am setting up as such, and getting the following error:

unsigned char life[50];
-- region `RamLoc8' overflowed by 500 bytes

I modified the code below and noted the increase in overflow after:

unsigned char life[128];
-- region `RamLoc8' overflowed by 652 bytes
152 bytes more

unsigned char life[450];
-- region `RamLoc8' overflowed by 1300 bytes
648 bytes more

Why is it that when i add another char to the array i get about 2 bytes overflow?!  Isnt a CHAR supposed to be a single byte?
This is a very small bit of code i had running successfully on an arduino with much less available memory.  Why is this chip choking?