LPC1114 On pcb Program uploads but led not blinking

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I have just started working with arm and chose LPC1114

I have mounted lpc 1114/302 chip (44pin version) on a pcb as shown in pcb.jpg and using LPC link 2 to debug.(jp2 closed jp1 open)

The blink code gets uploaded to the board and it says the programming is running, (LPC window.png).
I am attaching the code which i have used herewith.

However the led attached to the port 0_7 is not blinking. Instead, it has a slight glow and all gpio pins are pulled up.(measures +2.5V)

The connections from the link 2 to the ic is
pin 2- swdio, pin4- sclk , pin10- reset, pin6 pulled up. as shown in attached image (SWD.png). And reset pin pulled up externally.

I guessed there may be a problem in powering the IC using the Jtag connector itself from the link 2 and added external 3.3V power and commoned out the ground and still theres no result.

An external osillator is not connected. Could this cause an issue?

any Idea why this is not working???
Could you help me to get Blinky working on the chip

Many thanks

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