LPC11U24 USB MSC bootloader and bin from Keil

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I've a custom board with an LPC11U24, I've chosen this chip for its internal usb bootloader and mbed library support.
When I go into the USB MSC (Mass Storage) bootloader with the P0_1 button it successfully mounts as CRP_DISABLED.
I can remove the old .bin file and copy a new .bin file to it, and powercycle the board.

This all works great, but whenever I download a .bin created with Keil uVision the device boots in bootloader again. Indicating invalid user code accoring to the bootup sequence.
When I compile the identical project with the mbed online compiler the chip does boot properly.

I'm using an exported Keil uVision (4.70) project, I might have touched the optimizer, but restoring that didn't fix it.
I know the code Keil linked works because when I downloaded it with my uLink2 it runs fine.

Do I need some special linker command to make a keil binary valid when loaded with USB MSC DFU?