LPC1112FHN33/102 Pin Mux Fail on PIO0_10 / SWCLK

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by clkunde on Tue Dec 03 05:08:18 MST 2013
Dear members,

I'm using LPCXpresso and LPCOPEN 2.0 to develop a new firmware for the LPC1112FHN33/102 IC.

I verified after many tests that the PIN 19 (SWCLK/GPIO0_10/SCK0/CT16B0_MAT2) don't change the function from SWCLK.

In the board_sysinit.c I inserted the line in the Pin Mux table:

{(uint32_t) IOCON_PIO0_10, IOCON_FUNC1}

If I comment or uncomment this line, the effect is the same: the chip don't switch to GPIO function. It is always fixed to the SWCLK Jtag function.

The same don't happen with Pin 25 (SWDIO/PIO1_3). If I change to GPIO function this works appropriately.

What should I do? Somebody had the same problem?

Thank you!

Claudio Kunde