lpc11c24 CAN communication, bit rate 1Mbit/s

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Hi all,

I have two boards (my own hardware) with lpc11c24 and I want use CAN communication with bit rate 1 Mbit/s. I was using communication with 100 Kbit/s and 125 Kbit/s and I was receiving message, but when I set bit rate on 1 Mbit/s (250 k, 500 k) I cannot receive message. I am use this defines:

#define BITRATE100K8MHZ           0x00000113
#define BITRATE125K8MHZ           0x0000010F

#define BITRATE1000K8MHZ          0x00000101

#define BITRATE100K24MHZ          0x00007E09
#define BITRATE125K24MHZ          0x0000450F

#define BITRATE1000K24MHZ         0x00004501

I know how I can set

Bit rate = CAN_CLK/((BRP + 1) x (TSEG1+2+TSEG2+1)) and
Sample point = (TSEG1+2) / (TSEG1+2+TSEG2+1) x 100

on the different ways but I don`t have perfect combination. What is my problem ?