LPC4330 Xplorer Booting from Reset Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by joohyun.seo on Wed Aug 27 08:27:37 MST 2014

I am experiencing difficulty in in booting from reset. I am using a KEIL debugger, and I have played around with periph_blinky example, but I think I am missing some concept that doesn't only apply to KEIL.

I think I can successfully download the image to both internal flash (using DFUSec) and to external flash. I can see that the 12 MHz crystal is oscillating after I download the image. However, it doesn't start the code or main(). When I press Reset switch on the board, then the boot should be initiated from the internal flash if P2_7 is sampled high. Since I successfully downloaded the image into internal flash P2_7 is high when I RESET, and I expect to start the program from internal flash, but nothing happens. I also reset the board while sampling P2_7 to be low with boot switch configured for external flash, but nothing happens.

I think that the image that I download does not include something like 'startup from reset'. When I run the code for targeting external flash in the Debugger mode, then the code runs fine. I can even make the target address to be internal flash (Device : LPC4337 IROM Address starting from : 0x1A000000, and making setup(0x1A000000) in *.ini file). In both cases, once I run the code in Debugger mode, then it runs fine.

However, I cannot just make the code run by simply pressing the reset switch. I feel that the example code is meant to be debugging purpose so that the code should not be automatically executed, but I hope to implement the code that is executed from the reset.

Please help me learn more about this issue.