MCB4300 blinky binary image

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Dear members,

I'm new to LPC4300. I'm using LPC21, LPC17, LPC11, LPC8 already. But right now I'm not yet fit enough to create even a simple blinky program for a LPC4300, because I don't have a development environment set up.
I'm still at the step of updating my flash programmer to support LPC4300, and this is a major update, because of the flash bank challange. So I need an absolutely reliable binary that I can use for testing, that easily shows some activity (like for example LED flashing) on this board?

Would anyone of you be so kind to provide me with one (*.bin, *.hex)?
I have a Keil MCB4300 with that row of 8 LEDs (P0.10..P0.14, P9.0..P9.2) below the LCD.
In return, I would provide my Linux flash utility  ;-)

Thanks in advance!

By the way, who is using Linux for programming the LPC4300 and who isn't even using an IDE?
What tools do you use for flashing it?