Flash frustrations

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by JohnR on Tue Apr 24 06:05:44 MST 2012

I am getting thoroughly fed up with trying to flash the memory on my Diolan board using LPC-Link.

I seem to be able to flash reliably if the start address is the start of flash memory. But I want to be able to store the M3 axf file as well as the M0 file to flash. So if put the M3 at the start having partitioned the memory to be split in two, the M3 code works fine.

But then if I want to use a different start address for M0 at 0x1c100000, LENGTH = 0x100000, I almost always get the error message

Ec: Flash driver command failure 100003F0, 2

Occasionally it has seemed to work.

I have searched for a list of definitions of the flash driver error codes - is such a list available?

Thanks in advance for any help.