SSP: How does SSP Slave detect end of packet?

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I am currently thinking about a general problem with SSP Slave, perhaps I have overseen something?

I am implementing a SSP slave (SPI Format). SSP Master is lower CS and transmits some data to me.
I get an interrupt, when the receive FIFO has data and I can read them. So far so good.
Now when SSP Master is setting CS back to high, how do I recognize that the packet is complete?
Or take the case, the SSP Master is setting CS back to high and back to low to start a new packet,
how do I recognize that a new packet has started? Is there any bit which signals that packet is complete or a new one is started?
(Especially also interesting with variable length data per packet.)

Or do I need to sample the CS again and again (or at a certain position) to recognize it is not more low?

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