JTAG connection dead

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by tecow on Sun Feb 14 13:37:52 MST 2016
Hi, I am using a hardware with the LPC4370 + a 4MByte external SPI flash.

Without any obvious reason the JTAG connection stoppded working after month of proper operation (now I am using lpcxpresso 8.0)
Sometimes things happen with EMC noise etc. and so I took a 2nd board and again after a week of proper operation,
JTAG is again dead - this make me believe it is not EMC.

I measure the JTAG signals after initiating a flash sequence (IspReset) and saw the following strange signals:

Pin 2 (SWDIO) starts with 2.8V and went after starting the transfer to 1.5V ???? (Is the processor driving SWDIO after Reset?)
Pin 4 (TCK) 10 kHz clock on TCK (Pin 4)
Pin 6 (TDO) stays at 3.3V
Pin 7 (a nice low pulse for 5ms) after switched to lpcxpresso 8.

I don't think it is a issue with my JTAG configuration. It works with another board and also with the LPC-Link as Debug Target.
I am just wondering if I really damaged 2 boards or is there any possiblity how the JTAG interface can be brought statically into
such a state (CRP prog, by chance?) Do you see any way to re-enable JTAG?