Trace data overflow issue in LPC43xx

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ramana on Sun Jul 12 21:39:03 MST 2015
Hi all,
I'm using LPC4357, all debugging features are working fine with LPC-Link2 and ULINK-ME.
I don't have cortex 20pin debug + trace connector in my PCB, but I want to use trace features (instruction trace, data watch trace to use in logic analyzer) with KEIL IDE. So I have decided to use trace features through 10pin Cortex debug connector.
But when I'm using trace features by enabling ETB RAM, trace overflow issue error is showing in keil and no instruction & DWT trace(logic analyzer) is properly working. ETB RAM width is 16KB, but data overflow is occurring even the core is operated very lower frequencies(60MHz). There is no difference with or without ETB RAM configuration.
Do Anyone have used instruction& DWT trace through ETB?
Please share any documents or links to use trace in keil through ETB in LPC4357.

Thank you in advance,