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Content originally posted in LPCWare by hlsa on Wed Sep 24 05:48:19 MST 2014
After reading abou the new ARM Cortex M7 yesterday, I am looking forward to get the LPC7399. Here some technical details:

  [*]Quad core MCU with one M7 core and three M0 cores running at 300 MHz.
  [*]3 MB integrated Flash Memory
  [*]Dedicated Crc unit for Hardware based CRC16 / CRC32 calculations.
  [*]32 channel DMA Controller
  [*]4 U(S)ART Interfaces @ 20 MBit/s
  [*]Other peripherals similar to LPC4357

Oops. Just a dream.  ;-) ... But maybe it is good to give NXP some time to develop it properly (nothing worse than a lot of errata).